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Supplementary Volumes

In addition to regular issues of the journal, Acta Classica publishes occasional supplementary volumes devoted to particular themes. These volumes are usually edited by guest editors but they follow the editorial policies and style of the journal and are published with the ISSN 0065-1141.

The following clauses of the constitution of the Classical Association of South Africa are relevant to supplementary volumes:

(a) The aim of the series, which will appear at irregular intervals, is to promote research in the field of Classics in Southern Africa by facilitating the publication of monographs, editions, commentaries and collections of articles that are the result of original academic research.
(b) The Editorial Board of Acta Classica shall undertake the administration of the Supplementa according to its guidelines.
(c) A Guest Editor may be appointed by the Executive Committee at the request of the Editor.
(d) The financial cost to the Association and Acta Classica will be limited to the incidental secretarial expenses.

The following volumes have been published to date:

Supplementum I: Atkinson, J. E. (1994) A Commentary on Q. Curtius Rufus' Historia Alexandri Magni Books 5 to 7.2. Amsterdam: Adolf M. Hakkert.

Supplementum II: Cilliers, L. (ed. 2008) Asklepios: Studies on Ancient Medicine. Pretoria: V&R Printing Works.

Supplementum III: Bosman, P. R. (ed. 2009) Mania: Madness in the Greco-Roman World. Pretoria: V&R Printing Works.

Supplementum IV: Bosman, P. R. (ed. 2012), Corruption and Integrity in Ancient Greece and Rome. Pretoria: V&R Printing Works.

Supplementum V: Bosman, P. R. (ed. 2014), Alexander in Africa. Pretoria: V&R Printing Works..

Supplementum VI: Bosman, P. R. (ed. 2017), Ancient Routes to Happiness. London: Routledge.

Supplementum VII: Evans, R. J. (ed. 2017), Mass and Elite in Ancient Greece and Rome: From Sparta to Late Antiquity. London: Routledge.

Supplementum VIII: Bosman, P. R. (ed. 2018), Intellectual and Empire in Greco-Roman Antiquity. London: Routledge.

Supplementum IX: Evans, R. J. (ed. 2018), Prophets and Profits: Ancient Divination and its Reception. London: Routledge.