Scholia Reviews ns 5 (1996)

96-1cant: Eva Canterella, Bisexuality in the Ancient World. Translated by C. O. Cuilleain. (Eva Stehle)
96-2will: Gareth D. Williams, Banished Voices: Readings in Ovid's exile poetry. (Anne Gosling)
96-3cont: Gian Biagio Conte, Latin Literature: A History. Translated by Joseph B. Solodow, revised by Don Fowler and Glenn W. Most. (Peter Davis)
96-4spea: G. Speake, A Dictionary of Ancient History. (Adrian Ryan)
96-5ziol: Theodore Ziolkowski, Virgil and the Moderns. (Bernhard Kytzler)
96-6wes: Marinus A. Wes, Classics in Russia 1700-1855: Between Two Bronze Horsemen. (William M. Calder III)
96-7lloy: Michael Lloyd (ed.), Euripides: Andromache. Edited with an Introduction, Translation and Commentary. (Walter Hift)
96-8wall: Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum. (Frank Sear)
96-9gill: Christopher Gill & T.P. Wiseman, Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World. (Bernhard Kytzler)
96-10pom: Baldassare Conticello (ed.), Monographs 8,9, 10 of a series of archaeological monographs on Pompeii. (Erika Simon & Anne Mackay)
96-11ajb: A.J. Boyle (ed.), Roman Literature and Ideology. (Sarah Ruden)
96-12pom: Epifanio Furnari (ed.), Monograph 7 of a series of archaeological monographs on Pompeii. (Erika Simon and Anne Mackay)
96-13reh: Rush Rehm, Marriage to Death. (Margaret Mezzabotta)
96-14wis: T.P. Wiseman, Historiography and Imagination. (Peter Tennant)
96-15pen: Charles Penglase, Greek Myths and Mesopotamia. (David Pike)
96-16pen: John Penwill, Two Essays on Vergil: Intertextual Issues in Aeneid 6 and Georgics 4. (Steven Farron)
96-17gar: Eugene Garver, Aristotle's Rhetoric: An Art of Character. (Kobus Cronje)
96-18aic: Peter Aicher, Guide to the Aqueducts of Ancient Rome. (Alfonso Burgers)
96-19bar: Shadi Bartsch, Actors in the Audience: Theatricality and Doublespeak from Nero to Hadrian. (William J. Dominik)
96-20new: Carole E. Newlands, Playing with Time: Ovid and the Fasti. (Anne Gosling)
96-21est: Sylviane Estiot, Aureliano. Vol. II/1: Ripostiglio della Vene\ra (Anne Gosling)
96-22wor: Ian Worthington (ed.), Persuasion: Greek Rhetoric in Action. (Clive Chandler)
96-23see: Astrid Seele, Roemische Uebersetzer: Noete, Freiheiten, Absichten (Bernhard Kytzler)
96-24eva: Richard Evans, Gaius Marius: A Political Biography (Alex Nice)
96-25goo: George Goold, Chariton: Callirhoe (John Birchall)
96-26bou: Jean Bouquet & Etienne Wolff (edd.), Dracontius. (Peter Christiansen)
96-27cva: Nazarena Valenza Mele, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Italia 69, Museo Nazionale di Napoli 5 - Raccolta Cumana. (Anne Mackay)
96-28wor: Ian Worthington (ed.), Persuasion: Greek Rhetoric in Action. (Cecil Wooten)
96-29lef: Mary Lefkowitz & Guy Maclean Rogers(edd.), Black Athena Revisited. (Toby Wilkinson)
96-30sto: Brian Stock, Augustine the Reader. (Andre Basson)