Scholia Reviews ns 4 (1995)

95-1and: Graham Anderson, The Second Sophistic: A Cultural Phenomenon in the Roman Empire. (Paul McKechnie)
95-2van: THOUGHTS ON JUSTICE: D. H. Van Zyl, Cicero's Legal Philosophy; D. H. Van Zyl, Justice and Equity in Cicero; D. H. Van Zyl, Justice and Equity in Greek and Roman Legal Thought. (David E. Meadows)
95-3got: Harold C. Gotoff, Cicero's Caesarian Speeches: A Stylistic Commentary. (Margaret A. Fusco)
95-4kon: David Konstan, Sexual Symmetry: Love in the Ancient Novel and Related Genres. (Simon Swain)
95-5shay: Jonathan Shay, Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character. (David Pike)
95-6wor: Ian Worthington (ed.), Ventures into Greek History. (John Atkinson)
95-7tra: David A. Traill, Excavating Schliemann: Collected Papers on Schliemann. (Elizabeth Carvalho)
95-8bar: T.D. Barnes, Athanasius and Constantius: Theology and Politics in the Constantinian Empire. (J.H.D. Scourfield)
95-9cla: Jerry Clack (ed.), Meleager: Poems. (W.J. Henderson)
95-10cra: Christopher P. Craig, Form as Argument in Cicero's Speeches. A Study of Dilemma. (C. E. Chandler)
95-11bos: A. P. Bos, Cosmic and Meta-Cosmic Theology in Aristotle's Lost Dialogues. (Johan C. Thom)
95-12obe: Stephen M. Oberhelman, Van Kelly, Richard J. Golsan (edd.), Epic and Epoch. Essays on the Interpretation and History of a Genre. (Richard Whitaker)
95-13els: Jaś Elsner & Jamie Masters (edd.), Reflections of Nero: Culture, History & Representation. (Marc Kleijwegt)
95-14jan: Micaela Janan, 'When the Lamp is Shattered': Desire and Narrative in Catullus. (Diane Jorge)
95-15weh: William Thomas Wehrle, The Satiric Voice: Program, Form and Meaning in Persius and Juvenal. (R.P.Bond)
95-16hur: Donna W. Hurley, An Historical and Historiographical Commentary on Suetonius' Life of C. Caligula. (John Jackson)