Scholia Reviews ns 3 (1994)

94-1verd: R. Verdière, Le Secret du Voltigeur d'Amour ou le Mystère de la Relegation d'Ovide. (Jo-Marie Claassen)
94-2whig: Peter Whigham, Letter to Juvenal: 101 Epigrams From Martial. Tony Harrison, Palladas: Poems. Charles Tomlinson (ed.), Eros English'd: Classical Erotic oetry in Translation from Golding to Hardy. (Michael Lambert)
94-3lach: Plutarque, Opinions des Philosophes, texte établi et traduit par Guy Lachenaud (Stephen T. Newmyer)
94-4tooh: Peter Toohey, Reading Epic: An Introduction to the Ancient Narratives. A. J. Boyle (ed.), Roman Epic. (Peter Davis)
94-5wall: H. T. Wallinga, Ships and Sea-power before the Great Persian War: the Ancestry of the Ancient Trireme. (Antony Graham Keen)
94-6der: C. Deroux (ed.), Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History VI. (Garrett G. Fagan)
94-7jack: Danny P. Jackson (tr.), The Epic of Gilgamesh. (Bernard Paul Sypniewski)
94-8dei: Hilary J. Deighton, A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome. (Hendrik F. Stander)
94-9hut: G. O. Hutchinson (ed.), Latin Literature from Seneca to Juvenal: A Critical Study. (W.J. Dominik)
94-10far: S. Farron, Vergil's Aeneid: A Poem of Grief and Love. (William J. Dominik)
94-11tat: James Tatum (ed.), The Search for the Ancient Novel. (John Hilton)
94-12fol: John Miles Foley, Immanent Art: From Structure to Meaning in Traditional Oral Epic. (Anne Mackay)