Scholia Reviews ns 2 (1993)

93-1wise: T. P. Wiseman, Talking to Virgil: AMiscellany. (M.A. Gosling)
93-2stra: Christopher Stray, The Living Word: W. H. D.Rouse and the Crisis of Classics in Edwardian England. (M.A. Gosling)
93-3tay: Michael W. Taylor, The Tyrant Slayers: TheHeroic Image in Fifth Century BC Athenian Art and Politics. (E. A.Mackay)
93-4hilt: John L. Hilton, An Introduction to Latin. (J.M. Claassen)
93-5mich: Ann Norris Michelini, Euripides and theTragic Tradition. (F.M. Dunn)
93-6maas: Michael Maas, John Lydus and the Roman Past:Antiquarianism and Politics in the Age of Justinian. (P. McKechnie)
93-7lew: B. E. Lewis (tr.), Latin Literature forContemporary Readers: An Anthology of Latin Prose and Verse Translated into English with an Introduction and Notes. (J. L. Hilton)
93-8wal: P. G. Walsh (ed. and tr.), Love Lyrics fromthe Carmina Burana. (Richard Whitaker)
93-9dill: John Dillon and Jackson Hershbell (edd. and trr.),Iamblichus: On the Pythagorean Way of Life. Text, Translation, and Notes. (Johan C. Thom)
93-10dew: Michael Dewar (ed. and tr.), Statius: Thebaid IX. Edited with an English Translation and Commentary. (W. J. Dominik)